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Nine practical fitness tips that you must watch

Nine practical fitness tips that you must watch

Tip NO.1

This should be said to be the most basic of the fitness tips, but it has been observed that many fitness students have neglected it - to wear the right clothes for practice. Your dress in the sports tube must ensure that your activities are free and safe. The biggest problem in the gym is that many male fitness students do not wear tops and exercise. Imagine, why do you let other students suffer from your "smelly smell"? Also don't wear any type of bodybuilding sleeveless t-shirt, at least you should wear a T-shirt.

Tips NO.2

Drink water regularly (before and during training and during training). This advice is not only for you when you are in the gym, it is suitable for everyday use, and drinking water is a good habit.

Tips NO.3

Make sure you have the right weight lifting skills. If you train with the wrong skills or methods, you will not only get any improvement, but also tend to strain your muscles, destroy tendons and ligaments, and even cause fractures.

Tips NO.4

You should do a warm-up before you start to contact the weightlifter. You can do a 5-10 minute bike practice first. 5-10 minutes is enough for your blood to pass naturally and the heart to move. The next step is to warm up, you can choose 40% of the weight you will practice to warm up, let your muscles adapt.

Tips NO.5

Don't try your best to lift the weight that exceeds your ability, although that makes you look stronger. Obviously, if the weight exceeds your load, you are likely to be injured. Don't bring vanity to the gym.

Tips NO.6

Take a training program to the gym. Some people are like this. There is no clear plan beforehand. In the gym, it is practiced immediately. As far as I know, some people may do 3 leg exercises a week, and completely ignore the training of other parts of the body, obviously because they do not have a clear fitness program. Experts suggest that you build a fitness program for yourself and write down your fitness log so that you have a clear goal and you can know your progress.

Tips NO.7

Focus on concentration. You must concentrate when you are training, which will help you maintain your correct posture, and it will probably lift your weight and help your muscles exercise and lose weight.

Tips NO.8

Your eating habits play an important role in your fitness. You must adjust your diet to your fitness effect. Without good eating habits, no one can achieve fitness success.

Tips NO.9

While you are exercising, you can take the relevant fitness supplements. This can help your fitness process, the specific method can consult your dietitian or coach.

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